My name is Justin, the owner of Bigger Prints, and my mission is quite simple. Create value by providing quality services at reasonable prices in a timely manner.

Community is what it's all about and I proudly support my local  community of Cohoes as well as the surrounding areas of the Capital Region. I do what I can to support our sports teams, non-profit organizations and schools.

Provide value. Give back. Get involved.


Growth. In order to grow and to provide value I need skills and equipment. These tools are essential to sustain and grow.

Each day I look to further improve my skillset so that I can better serve my community and my customers. I learn through experience and education from other industry professionals.

Services are based around the equipment that I already have but the with one eye on the future as to what I can offer down the road by investing in tools to enhance my offering.

Let's Address Some Numbers

Metrics and data points are important for every business. They're even more important to me as a service provider.

I've only lived and worked in the city of Cohoes for a few years and it's great to put things on paper. Some of the most important pieces of data are of the people served, actions taken and services rendered.

Looking at the overall picture gives us a sense of what my customers are looking for and how I can better serve them.

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How it all started...

Becoming a printer and or print service provider was never the goal or something I yearned for. I fell into it. During the lockdown of 2020 I purchased a used large format printer, very cheap, that needed some work. I worked on it tirelessly for months and brought it back to life, sort of. Investing in some ink and some large format paper, I began to turn out some prints.

At first is was large coloring pages for my niece. Then it was large photos of my niece and some landscape scenery. I was amazed at what was produced and so I was bit by the large format printing bug.

I wanted to get crafty so I purchased the tools needed to make t-shirts, mugs, hats and other apparel for decoration. I loved creating these tangible items and followed up with a vinyl cutter for decals.

The single item for purchase model soon turned into requests for services by potential customers, thus Bigger Prints was born.

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