One Stop Power Wash Business Card

Business Cards are a must have!

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, a business card is a must have! This is a non-negotiable piece of information. Not only do you NEED a business card but you also need to be carrying some at all times. You never know when you’ll run into a situation where wish you had one. Business cards are affordable and a great investment for future opportunities. It’s all about making connections and nothing connects your business to a potential client like an interaction followed up with a business card hand off.

Just last week I was in Hobby Lobby looking for some supplies and I happened to be wearing a Bigger Prints t-shirt and a gentleman, randomly, asked if I made shirts. We began talking, still not sure how he knew that I was wearing a business shirt of my own but it happened, and we were discussing different work type situations. He told me what he does, where he came from and what he was looking for. I confidently told him that I could help him. Thankfully I had a business card in my wallet – it was my last one, no less. The conversation was complete and a random question turned into a connection.

Ken from One Stop Power Wash came to me for a simple design and business card print. I created a simple yet forward design showcasing his logo and contact information. On the back of the card are a few images of his work along with some statements and his web address ( still under construction ).

He was happy with the design and put them into production. His power washing business is moving forward one business card at a time.
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